Photo by Tilly Goble

“We needed to develop signage inside of our homes that would draw people in and communicate the selling points in a compelling way. I brought my collection of ideas and collateral I was inspired by and Lexy worked with our Sales Team through the design process, resulting in interactive signage that was hard to pass by without noticing. It was so fun to watch potential homebuyers walk through our homes in the following events and stop to read the new signs!”

SAM Lai | Co-founder | Green Canopy


"The purpose of your work for us was to establish brand loyalty, and you nailed it. You created an aesthetic which helped legitimize our event, and made everything feel polished and professional. This was a key component of our marketing strategy, and a great first touch point for our customers."

Sage Quiamno, Co-Founder, Future For Us

Photo by Tilly Goble

“Lexy has worked with Green Canopy on a variety of projects including a brand re-fresh and guidelines, publication designs, content marketing, presentations, product launches, email marketing campaigns and a website launch. Our shareholders and partners consistently provide positive feedback on the design work and content that Lexy has worked with us on — and she is a fun partner to work with!”

Aaron Fairchild | CEO & Co-Founder | Green Canopy


"What was amazing about working with you is that you really got us. You understood who we are and what we're about and you were able to communicate that better than we were able to. The process was very professional and worked really smoothly —and we were working with you remotely!"

Aparna Rae, Co-Founder, Future For Us