About Alexa Ashley

What makes a storyteller?

I’ve always been interested in people and in connection — how things worked and why. I knew art and the narratives expressed through it, impacted my decisions and the way I lived from a very young age. My own ideas and behaviors have changed many times over after one article read, or one design or film seen.

We all have an impact on the worlds and people we interact with and we are all impacted daily, hourly, momentarily. What we have to decide is what kind of impact do we want to have?

In college, I wanted to pursue a degree in Psychology or in Visual Communication and took introductory courses in each. In my first Psychology class, the slides and lectures were presented in a way that felt incredibly uninteresting and arduous to me.

In my introductory Visual Communication classes we were learning the research behind effective communication strategies to influence people’s decisions. The professors used these strategies in the way they taught the classes and presented the materials — and my decision to study Visual Communication was made. 

A class, product, service, tool, event, investment, or company is only compelling if people understand why it’s exciting and how it provides value. It not only has to be a good story, it has to be told in a compelling way.

Continuing to see the importance of communication, drove me to learn more, dive deeper, do better. With over seven years’ experience in a variety of different visual communication disciplines in a variety of different industries, I’ve learned new ways of combining and honing different forms of communication to help businesses reach who they want to reach.

Our lives are shaped by the stories we’re exposed to by the people we trust.